Colin Preston & Tony Hall

Keighley on Aire Social Media Show

Colin and Tony will be discussing all the weeks main topics raised on local social media. All the groups that relate to keighley and some that reach world wide. Bit of banter great tunes and dedications are all part of their eclectic show, so tune in and join in it really is a show for the people of old k Town.

4 Squares of perfectly formed cake with a topic representing each square. It's very entertaining.

The Big K Show With Garry McGlinchy

Where Garry will entertain you for a so full hour of everything from Soapland to original National Television and streaming services for the likes of britbox;s most popular programmes

Super Sounds with Phat Lee & Sly McFly

Bringing super sounds from the world to your ears,

Super Sounds with Phat Lee & Sly McFly. Broadcasting good vibes and positivity exploring a wide variety of musical styles.

DJ 6-5000

Keighley on Aire Presenter.

Nigel will be with us soon so look out for his show.

Ben Baker

Welcome to the Basement - no not the nightclub that used to be Denny's - but a real-life actual basement full to the rafters with old records, discarded Lee and Herring scripts and the wrapper from what seems to be a Maverick bar from about 1996. Its celebration of music, comedy and art from Keighley and the wider world.

Radio Shows


Phat Lee

Keighley on Aire Presenter

Garry McGlinchy Dean

Keighley on Aire Presenter

Richard Sara

Keighley on Aire Presenter

Colin Preston 

Keighley on Aire Presenter

Tony Hall

Keighley on Aire Presenter

Sly McFly

Keighley on Aire Presenter

Si Pi 

Keighley on Aire Presenter